About Nightwolf Productions


Nightwolf Productions is a video and photo production company located right in the heart of Houston, Texas. For over two years, we’ve strived to motivate, encourage, and connect to the human experience in a cinematic way. Our body of work includes music videos, promos, testimonials and narrative video. Our team of writers, producers, shooters, editors and graphic designers have the tools necessary to execute vision and story in a way that not only embodies your brand but is exceptionally unique.

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Why Choose Nightwolf Productions?

At Nightwolf Productions, we specialize in telling your story from beginning to end. Our sole purpose is to know and understand your vision and then to ensure that that vision is executed via an array of creative video and photo production options. 

If you’re looking to engage your audience with brilliance and to also motivate them emotionally with the human connection, look no further than Nightwolf Productions.

As a production company, we endeavor to create ideas that become living, breathing, moving things. Things that people want to have, share, and be a part of. The world that we live in is heavily influenced by video and we want you to ensure that you’re right at the cutting edge.

When you involve us in your project, we become part of your team, and we can help you determine the best way to tell your story in a way that has maximum impact, while ensuring your get a solid return on your investment.

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Brian Riley:

Writer, Director, CEO

 My super power is my unstoppable drive. I roll up my sleeves and dig deep with other motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners.